We have Dandie Dinmont Terrier puppies, date 14. 8. 2013

Mustard dog h18:01, weight 295g

Mustard dog h18:45, weight  280g

Pepper bitch h20:01, weight  275g

Pepper bitch h21:30, weight  253g

Pepper dog h22:24, weight 275g

 Dame: Becky von Otterswang, Sire: Vimax Gipsy Greenway



Welcome on my homepage with my Dandie Dinmont Terriers from the kennel "von Otterswang". If you have questions concerning the Dandie Dinmont Terrier breed or about puppies, please contact me via email or phone +49 7525 923359.


C-Wurf -von Otterswang-
born at August 4th 2011.
Puppies are 12 weeks old.

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Int. Dogshow Luxembourg 2010

Int. Dogshow in Luxembourg 2010
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Bilder der Austellung von Fribourg

Pictures from the dogshow in Fribourg
February 2010 Click the picture

German Dandies' Marylou

German Dandies' Marylou
became the titles
German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (KfT)
International Champion (FCI)

in the year 2009. (Click the picture)

Klub for Terrier Show Weilheim 2009:  Antonia von Otterswang become - Best Puppy in Show -

KfT Dog Show
Weilheim 2009

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Terrier Klubsiegerschau Schweiz 2009

    Antonia von Otterswang got German Champion (VDH and KfT).