Our Dogs
in the Kennel "von Otterswang"


On the pages kennel our opinions and aims for the breeding of the Dandie Dinmont Terriers are outlined. We show for each of our dogs their results at national or international dog shows.

In addition the pedigree of the dogs are shown. This might be from interest mainly for breeders. Also other details are listed, if we think they are from general interest.

Our idea, vision and aims for breeding

Our dogs are family dogs. They are an integral part of our live. Long walks with the dogs gives them new impressions and experience. This is done without a leash - most times. Nessy works five days a week and she gets a lot of experience meeting new people. Marylou takes over Nessys work, if she is ill or has puppies.

National and international dog shows

In Germany the national and international dog shows are organized by the clubs and organizations:

  • KfT - Klub für Terrier and

  • VDH - Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen.

International this is organized by the

  • FCI - Fédération Gynologique Internationale.

2007: Ausstellung Kippenheim

2007: Dog show Kippenheim
with Marylou